5 year old Annabelle and her family, need our help.  Annabelle has has 30 surgeries in her short life, all related to her diagnosis of EOE, mitochondrial disease and MCAD.

Her treatment requires travel from Virginia to Ohio (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) roughly every 8 weeks.  If you can imagine the costs are a huge burden on the family.

Yet, that isn’t just it… Recently, the family was faced with a decision.  They had to decide to either agree to pay $10,000+ for a genetic test to help identify the root of Annabelle’s medical issues or to just keep treating the symptoms.

Well, if you are a parent you know the only answer was to pay the $10,000.  They had to know what was going on, so that they can determine a treatment that would be the long term fix.

Read her story HERE

If you would like to contribute to this family, you can do so through Bikers for Christ Cincinnati below.