I’m Don Webber, Chapter Elder for Cincinnati Bikers for Christ.

I’m a child of the ’60s, was raised Catholic and attended church regularly with my grandparents.  I’ve always believed in God and knew Jesus died for my sins and lives today but never really understood how to have a relationship with him.

I was a little shy in my early teen years until I discovered alcohol and other mind altering substances, my inhibitions left me and I was fun and popular.  I had my freedom and saw no more need to spend my time in church.  I did continue to pray…when I needed something.  This led to many years in the wilderness.  I worked hard, lived hard and partied even harder.

In 2006 things came to a head and I came oh so close to losing everything – job, family, life.  I had nowhere else to turn.  That’s when I discovered the relationship I could have with Jesus.  I got sober in 2006 and saved in 2007.  I started attending a church in 2005 even in my wilderness, I became very involved in church after 2006 and still am.

I started riding and developed a love of motorcycles in the early ’80s,  in the early ’90s with a family and small children I found no time to ride and sold my bike.  In 2008 I was blessed to buy my Roadking and immediately took it to a bike blessing.  I was impressed with bikers who loved Christ and started riding with that motorcycle ministry.  In 2010 I was introduced to Bikers for Christ and knew this was my calling.  I became Chapter Elder in 2012.  I truly love this ministry and am always amazed at the people God allows us to reach by riding a bike!  God Bless!!